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Where The Contractors Go For Landscape Lighting

We have the largest IN STOCK supply of low voltage landscape lights on Vancouver Island.


When a project needs to be finished you will be impressed with our turnaround time and our service.


We are confident we can supply your outdoor lighting project no matter what the size.

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Welcome to landlight.ca

We are sure you will find this site informative as well as easy to navigateLandLight Catalogue

For more info dowload our detailed product catalogue.

With over 100 lights IN STOCK plus transformers, bulbs and accessories we are the place to go for your outdoor low voltage lighting project.

The site is broken up into 2 main areas, lights we have in stock and lights we can quickly order in. Each item has all the information you need from larger pictures to spec sheets you can download.

Lights In Stock

These are the items we always have in stock. Keeping some of the more popular fixtures in inventory makes it easier to finish a project at a moments notice.

  • Path Lights

  • Accent Lights

  • Hardscape & Deck Lights

  • Well Lights

  • Under Water Lights

  • Transformer and Remotes

  • Bulbs and Accessories

  • Lights Ordered In

    With all the fixtures available including different colours, styles and sizes it is difficult to stock everything. Having said that, you will be pleased with our quick turnaround time on your order.

  • Path Lights and Path Lights Page 2

  • Accent Lights

  • Hardscape & Deck Lights

  • Well Lights

  • The Rest Of The Site

    It's true that the lights are the most important part of a landscape lighting web site. Just in case that's not enough we have some other pages you may be interested in.

  • Lighting Info - To get a little education on landscape lighting check out our Lighting Basics, Types Of Lighting and Lighting Hints pages

  • Product Inquiries - Need a price, have a question, this is the page to go to.

  • Photos - Check out some examples that might help you with your own landscape lighting design.

  • Contact us via this page


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